Le dernier volume de la revue Etudes arméniennes contemporaines est en ligne

EAC 6-2015

Couverture du dernier volume

Towards Inclusive Art Histories: Ottoman Armenian Voices Speak Back

Despite a focus on art history, the concerns raised in Issue 6 of Études arméniennes contemporaines transcend the merely art historical, critically reflecting upon the manner in which the turbulent and heavily politicized seas of the Ottoman historical past are navigated by historians of all stripes and shades. The essays presented in this volume advocate new types of revisionist, methodologically and empirically sound histories that challenge misconstrued and misrepresented historical pasts, and critique the problematic, inadequate approaches and reductive projections of dominant nationalist/nation-centric or Ottomanist historiographies. Furthermore, they introduce into the debate hitherto silenced voices that have thus far been deliberately excluded from history. In so doing, this volume aims to contribute to the discussion towards the rendering of inclusive, nuanced and just representations of complex pasts.


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